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We are proud to be a Canadian company! Our Mission is to provide clean, natural and refreshing water to everyone throughout Canada and the world.

Canadian Rockies Spring Water was founded by five passionate entrepreneurs that genuinely appreciate the world’s freshest tasting water.

They found what they were looking for in the mountains of the great Canadian west coast, where some of the cleanest and most natural water sources can be found.

Canada is abundant in pure, high quality freshwater resources, and we love to share this with you

Canada is abundant in pure high, quality freshwater resources, it is our mission that we want to bring Canadians the best water to the world.

environmental sustainability a top priority. We

care about our planet, so all of our bottles are

100% recyclable.

Most importantly, every bottle is thoroughly rinsed with high-pressure, ozonated water before they are filled in order to reduce the risk of micro-plastics entering the ecosytem and to provide you with the safest drinking water possible.

We believe that a healthy planet and access

to clean drinking water is a right for everyone

across the world. As our company grows, we plan to seek out the charities that will best reflect our values and use our contributions wisely. We’re just getting started on this, so please check back ...

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