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Proudly Canadian

We are proud to be a Canadian company!Our Mission is to provide clean, natural and

refreshing water to everyone throughout Canada and the world

Some of the World’s Freshest Water

CRockies natural mountain spring water is bottled in Canada, at the source. Canada is abundant in pure, high quality, freshwater resources and this is why we can bring you some of the best tasting water, naturally!

Environmental Friendly

From the very first day of building the brand, paying attention to environmental sustainability is part of our development

All bottles are 100% recyclable.

Eco Friendly

We are mindful of the environment as well

as your health, so every CRockies bottle is thoroughly rinsed with high-pressure, ozonated water before they are filled in order to reduce the risk of micro-plastics entering the ecosystem and to provide you with the safest drinking water


Charity and Support

We believe that a healthy planet and access

to clean drinking water is a right for everyone

across the globe. As our company grows it’s

our intention to seek out the charities that will

best reflect our values and use our contributions


We’re just getting started on this, so please

check back ...



The Importance of Water

Water is important, making up about two-thirds of the body’s weight, carrying nutrients and waste around the body, r...

Hardness in Drinking-water

In “Hardness in Drinking-water” report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011 mentioned: hardness in ...


Aug 1, 2022


水很重要,约占人体体重的三分之二,将营养物质和废物运送到身体各处,能调节体温,在关节中充当润滑剂和减震器,并在人体内大多数化学反应中发挥重要作用。 我们在流汗、排尿和呼吸时会流失水分。保证身体水分充足,能够避免脱水。当身体流失...

Aug 1, 2022


世界卫生组织(WHO) 在2011年发布的 《Hardness in Drinking-water》报告中提到:硬度在0-60mg/L为软水,硬度在60-120mg/L为中软水,硬度在120-180mg/为硬水,硬度≥180mg/为高...
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